LoRa 32(V2) Radio Head Library (Sovled)

Does anyone have any working example code using the RH_RF95 library?
I’m able to use the Lora library and the Heltec. But I’m trying to use Radio Head library for some extra functions it’s cable of doing. I’m unable to compile it due to some missing configuration. Any example of code would help. Thank You!

Can you upload your library?


I’m not sure how to attach a file to the forum, but the link to download the library is above. According to the header file it works with Heltec.

/// Works with
/// - heltec / TTGO ESP32 LoRa OLED https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Internet-Development-Board-SX1278-ESP32-WIFI-chip-0-96-inch-OLED-Bluetooth-WIFI-Lora-Kit-32/32824535649.html

Thank You for the help

I just tried it. If comment this line, the example can pass compile.

I think it’s because ESP32 has a different way to trigger interrupt.

Thank You,
That fixed the issue.