I'm using your cool devices for a hiking mesh radio project

Dear Heltec,

I just noticed you have a forum. If you are curious on how people use your cool devices, here’s a thread I’ve been keeping on using them for hiking/paragliding applications:

signal forum

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The radios now happily share messages and show direction/bearing between users. Battery life is acceptable (and should be great with a bit more sw work). The (currently ugly) optional Android app let’s users send/receive chats and see user’s positions.

First release of an alpha should be sometime this next week. Here’s a github based website with more information. Future updates will mostly move to the gitter chat in that page :grinning:

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Nice project!

In 2019, we designed a commercial LoRa + GPS project for our customers, which is very similar to what you do. But due to the constraints of the NDA contract, we cannot tell you more details now. When our users release terminal products, I will tell you more details. :grinning:

BTW. Is your project have frequency hoping and support?

re: your prior project
Understood :wink:

re: frequency hopping
not yet - I’m using out of the box radiohead for now, but that’s a good point. I’ll add it to the todolist. (Though it does have support for letting users change between channels and the duty cycle is super sparse)

article in hackaday: https://hackaday.com/2020/02/26/lora-mesh-network-with-off-the-shelf-hardware/