HT-M00 Dual Channel gateway is going to release

Looks great!
A Few Questions:

  1. Where si the antenna?
  2. Isn’t it LoRa WAN compatible right?
  3. Is the connector is a USB type C?
  4. I would suggest an Ethernet version with POE functionality
  5. Could it be use outdoors?
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Looks good and useful what is the price?

The final price is still being discussed because strict production costs have not yet been drawn.

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It’s inside the plastic shell.



There is no such plan for the time being, but if user feedback requires a larger proportion of PoE version, we will add the PoE version HT-M00.

HT-M00 is not suitable for outdoor application.

  1. First of all, HT-M00 don’t have waterproofing design;
  2. HT-M00 driving by ESP32, it’s hard to config LTE network global bands, how to connect to a network is a big problem;
  3. Don’t have a PA or FEM inside the HT-M00, so the communication distance can’t reach to 3~4 kilometers, the main function of HT-M00 is to provide LoRaWAN network for a large house of up to 1500~2000 square meters, or to make up for the blind spots of the signal in areas where the SX1301 gateway signal cannot cover.
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Anyway, We are enriching our gateway product line and plan to publish at least 5 big version gateways for various application scenarios before October this year. There is always one for you. :grinning:

  1. HT-M00 Dual Channel Gateway – Talk in this topic and going to release next week;

  2. HT-M01 Scheme Verification – This is an open source gateway, can be driven by Windows and Linux. Suitable for users to verify LoRa communication solutions and secondary development;

  3. HT-M01S Indoor Gateway – The SX1301 gateway driven by ESP32, we have completed all the program development and are doing stability upgrades and shells. This kind of gateway is not waterproof. It is a low-cost gateway that can send data to cloud servers through PoE or WiFi, which is suitable for indoor environments such as factories and warehouses;

  4. HT-M02 Edge LoRa Gateway – With IP65 protection level, it is a gateway used in outdoor environments and provides edge computing functions, suitable for smart city projects;

  5. HT-M02S Solar Edge LoRa Gateway – With low power consumption design and solar power supply characteristics, it is suitable for deployment in the field without power supply, suitable used for animal monitoring, forest fire warning, natural disaster warning etc. projects.


do you have the specs of this product. We would be very interested for testing in rural landscape. Is 365/24 operations supported? Is IoT SIMCARD integration included? Maybe eSIM 4 IoT / M2M will be easier available all over, that phone SIMCARDS . What is the price (of course) any more detail?

regards from berlin/germany


HT-M02S uses the latest SX1302 baseband chip, just completed the verification of the RF function last week, but there is still a long way to go.

We hope that it can work 365 * 24, but HT-M02S may be deployed in Cold Antarctica may also be near the hot equator. Therefore, we must consider whether the light intensity in different regions of the world can provide enough power? How big is the battery? How to guarantee the life of the battery?

Anyway, we believe our team can make that happen!

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You mean the eSIM chip? Don’t need a normal SIM card any more?

Maybe that’s hard to come true. There are still many regions in the world that do not support eSIM. As far as I know, mainland China began to support this technology in last year.

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Exactly. Therefore i asked for SIM…

Use big SuperCap s … instead of fragile batteries…

The HT-M02S will have a SIM card slot like HT-M02.

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I understand it needs at least a SOC computer, right?
It is not a standalone as HT02?

No, HT-M00 can run standalone, the ESP32 act as a computer and provide Wi-Fi function to gateway.

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Any chance there will be a gateway that connects via bluetooth to cell phone for travel?

Can connect to mobile phone’s hotspot AP.

any news about the release date?

CN470 has been released, users in mainland China will soon be able to purchase through Taobao.

But Aaron decided to add a SE2435L FEM chip to the hardware in the 863-930MHz band to improve signal strength and communication distance. It is expected to take two more weeks.

ok thank you for that information.

i will wait another 2 weeks

any news about the new lowcost 8 channel gateway?

Hi, any news about availability for european customers ?


I use this for mobile gateway. See


I recently have bought one HT-M00 for testing purpose and I´ve been stuck with a screen asking for Username and Password when I try to access (after connecting to the device M00_9C88 SSID). I´ve uptaded the firmware to 2.0 following the web page instructions and the chip was activated. In order to configure the device, I need to access its configuration page. What am I doing wrong?

The manufacture day of the device is 2021/06/07.


Eduardo Bastos