CubeCellflash tool

Dear Sir/Madame,
I would like to know how to properly use CubeCellflash tool.
Let’s say, that I use Arduino IDE to build the sketch file. Then I have the directory, which stores compiled files (in Linux, it is /tmp/arduino_build_). And now I want to flash my CubeCell Capsule connected to CubeCell Debug Board by using CubeCellflash tool.
The question is, which file should I use? I mean, should it be .ino.elf file or different one?

I would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

you cant flash the ino directly you have to compile it first.
you will find the compiled firmware file in your AppData directory after building the sketch.
The easiest way to find that directory and file is to enable full logging for build in the arduino IDE.
in the log output you can find where the file is storef.

the right ending is .cyacd. this fill can be flashed to the cubecell with the cubecellflash tool.

you can flash with this command:

CubeCellflash.exe -serial COMPORT firmwarefilename.cyacd

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Thank you for quick answer.
Nevertheless, I have written that I compile the sketch file, next I find the build directory (in Linux, it is /tmp/arduino_build_number). In this directory there are two files:

  1. name.ino.elf
  2. other_name.cyacd
    So as you mentioned I should flash the file with extension .cyacd.

As an example, let’s say that I build BMP180basic example. In directory with compiled files I find two files:

  1. BMP180basic.ino.elf
  2. CubeCell_Board_REGION_AS923_RGB_1.cyacd
    So, should I use the second one to flash by using CubeCellflash?

as i have written you have to flash the cyacd file :wink:

I have wanted to just clarify everything :wink:
One more question, why each .cyacd file has the same name regardless of different project/sketch file?
In my case this name is: CubeCell_Board_REGION_AS923_RGB_1.cyacd
It is a little bit ugly and inelegant.

this file will normaly only be in the temp directory and is not needed anymore after flashing.
That was me that changed the filename to include all relevant build parameters.
You can change the platform.txt file to have the skriptname in front for example

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Okey, thank you very much for information :slight_smile:
Great and quick response!