It is always hard work to introduce new products into market. However Heltec has already introduced other lora nodes and related products before.

I am suggesting that we have a section in the forum specifically listing projects using the CubeCell series successfully

Also a list of hardware- including things like batteries (internal / external) - sources including URLs which points to these resources and comments


Please check this for yourself. Under the accessories tab for the CubeCell capsule - Accessories: the battery recommended by even Heltec is totally useless

At this juncture, it is appropriate to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation on behalf of this forum for the contributions @rsmedia to this forum!

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Thanks for your suggestions, we had added a “CubeCell” section, the battery has an international transport problem, so we didn’t sell it on our website.

For a better solution, we are trying to add a standard socket for future Capsule.

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I have this OLED display working reliably with the CubeCell board via I2C (SCL, SDA):

Great Initiative! I am interested to know if someone has tried a GPS module with it. I have not tried it yet but I’ll five it a go to the GT-U7 Ublox. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, it would be nice to know if someone successfully attached a GPS Module.

The idea behind this suggestion is to make Heltec’s marketing efforts more efficient and easier for adoption by new members

You guys already have a tab called Accessories for each product that you manufacture and sell. So what is going to happen is that you could list these tested and works items under that tab.

Heltec needs to be very careful in what item you put under the Accessories tab. It appears you misunderstood the battery example I gave. This is what I meant: (ignore for now the issue about shipping restrictions on LiPo batteries), if you choose to list a resource Accessory, please make sure that you are listing the right resource.

Under CubeCell capsule, one of the the Accessories you listed is the 3.7v 1000mAH battery which could be an 802540 or 852540 battery. This battery is 25mm in width and 40mm in length! 8.5mm or 8.0mm thickness is practically the same and acceptable!

3.7v 1000mAH LiPo -could work with the CubeCell board and not the CubeCell capsule
For an 802540 battery, please note in battery specifications this means thickness 8.0mm (in x.x format), width 25mm ( in xx format) and length 40mm (in xx format)

An 802540 battery cannot fit into the capsule. Instead the say 701418 roughly fits

One of the batteries which meets the specifications that fits in the capsule is this
LiPo that works correctly with the CubeCell capsule

Heltec needs mention the right resource and add the correct comments as you have done.

BTW the capsule battery is originally designed for RC model airplanes. There is a trick for shipping these types of items

For forum members please feel free to continue sending in proven components (hardware and software) I will continue to volunteer to track those and make things easier for later adoptees of the CubeCell platform. My inspiration is from @rsmedia

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Thanks @c_doog for your submission

That is an excellent idea. Please ensure that you clearly state with the specification of the JST connector is. So far you guys have been using the JST GH specification (1.25mm spacing)

We are developing a new board with GPS and will use the ASR6502 as the main controller (Samples can be sent out before the Chinese new year).

BTW. Which battery do you guys prefer? AAA battery or Li-Po battery? And how about a display onboard?


That’s great news. A GPS is very useful in many circumstances.

Re power supply preferred, do you mean triple A as a size or type of battery? Under normal circumstances one would prefer the Li-Po better than a AAA alkaline battery, Li-Ion would be preferable to alkaline AAA - unless power consumption of the design makes AAA alkaline battery feasible for an application

Fantastic! I want a Low Power board that works with GPS, so I would prefer NO display. And for the same reason I want to connect my 18650 Li-Ion batteries to it.
I also would love to have one sample to test. Thanks!

i would prefere a lipo battery for charging with a solar panel.
in some use cases a display would be nice.
would be great if the display could be optional so when not needed it would not draw current.

would really like to test this new board.

Hi yes ASR65002 gps board great and love to sign up to get sample. For me board based,like current Cube cell board with gps module lipo battery connector ability for solar but no installed display just plug into sda scl. vext a must and good storage of gps data not using very small super caps. These have issue if not constantly charged and often need 100 hours to reach max storage so switching of in low power causes issues. As a comment about GPS some are much better at high altitude for the ballooning market.Let me have details as soon as out lined. Simon

We had begun the GPS project test with HTCC-AM01 for a long time, ASR6501 with few GPIOs and only one UART, it’s not friendly for users, so we decide use ASR6502.

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ASR6501 is perfect for small standard sensors like the capsule.
But the ASR6502 is great for more demanding sensor systems.

Cant wait to get one to test.

@rsmedia, I came across this sensor housing at the rakwireless shop website on aliexpress.
[](http://Housing for sensors)

@rsmedia, I just noticed you seem to have a similar housing on your website.
Could you please confirm where you found this housing? Am interested in only the housing

Also thanks for adding the time stamps to the debugger output, it is extremely helpful


I have found that on aliexpress but it is to expensive.
I am now using a ip65 120x80x50mm that is only about 5€

Also would love a sample to test!
My vote is for Li-Po AND display (as long as it can be powered off when needed to conserve battery).

Are there any news regarding this board?? Thanks!

Read somewhere in this forum that it will be released in the month of feb.


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