CubeCell Dev-Board HTCC-AB01 from Heltec - Downlink

I am a newbie and try to get downlink Data from TTN to my CubeCell Dev-Board HTCC-AB01 from Heltec. UpIoad works well and I see the uploaded data in TTN. I try to do it by using “Downlink” with dummy data in TTN and run on Cubecell
I see the download Data in TTN Data console but on Serial monitor of the device I cannot see the received data printed out. Any idea. Thanks, Ruedi

Downlink is not working. I only get “confirmed uplink sending …” in Serial Monitor. I don’t get a message with the values send in TTN (in this example “01 02”).

Is Downlink not possible with HTCC-AB01?

Your AB01 is working in ABP mode. Are you sure it has accepted by the server?

Uplink is working. I can see in TTN “00 01 02 03”. This Data was uploaded from HTCC-AB01 to TTN. So I assume that HTCC-AB01 is accepted by the server.

My Settings:

We have tested that there is no problem. Please check your gateway and your network, confirm whether the gateway recieved the downlink message or not, and whether the network delay is relatively large that even the gateway recieved the downlink message but it has passed the time to transmit the downklink message

Our network to TTN is also bad, the gateway regularly pass the downlink.

Thank you very much for testing.

I still try to get downlink data received but I do not success. I see in the Serial console that Cubecell is waiting extrem short for RX data.
If I check in “RegionEU868.h” there is defined:
#define EU868_MAX_RX_WINDOW 3000
But in log i see that it is waiting 0 seconds:
18:32:19.654 -> RX on freq 867300000 Hz at DR 5
18:32:19.654 -> Event : Rx Timeout
18:32:20.692 -> RX on freq 869525000 Hz at DR 0
18:32:20.894 -> Event : Rx Timeout
18:32:33.829 -> unconfirmed uplink sending …

Do you have a idea?
Thanks in advace, Ruedi


Could you try the “OTAA” mode first?
Or change a node and a gateway.

Thanks for answering that fast. I tried OTAA mode and I have same issue. Gateway I do use puplic ones and do not have an own gateway. So it automatically choose a gateway nearby.

Hi Ruedi_68, I am a new in Lora topic, I have done some examples with Lora Nodes but using ttn v2, I try to connect HTCC-AB01 to TTN, I see that you have already done this step, could you share with me your arduino code because I can´t get send data to TTN V3 like you do.

I hope you can help me