CubeCell AB01 stuck after two days

I’m trying to debug a long term issue…

I have a CubeCell AB01 which takes a measure on the ADC, send it over Lora and then deep sleep for 30min (just my test environment)

the system works great but after ~48h of cycles it does not wakeup anymore.

anyone seeing something similar? it’s like we are missing the wakeup signal from the RTC I guess…

if I hit the reset button everything works … but then after a couple of days same story

I haven’t experienced this with the sender but have with the receiver. Do you have an example of your code? Is the receiver a CubeCell or Wireless stick?

I had an issue were after waking the receiver wouldn’t receive. Similar to you waking every 30min. But when I plug in a serial I seen that the sender was actually waking the receiver just wasn’t getting it. It was an issue with how I had set up the delay after radioSleep.

the receiver is actually a ChirpStack Lora Gateway (based on i880a). I trust the gateway since has been running for 3y (24/7) with no issues on other devices.

the sender is a simple CubeCell AB01. Code is based on the lowpower example. I read the ADC every 30min then go to sleep and once I have 12 values I send a lora message.

somehow it works for a couple of days … then it gets stuck and does not wake up.

is there a way to attach a debugger to understand why it is stuck?

same problem here:

after adding a watchdog (which wakes up the device every 2 seconds) it did not hang any more even the watchdog did never trigger.

wow! thanks I missed this post. Definitely seems to be the same issue.

ok, I’ll try to understand if it is hanging during a send … or if it is not even waking up from sleep.

thanks a lot for the hint